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Salvation Mountain in the California Desert
By Albert, California, Photography

Salvation Mountain – One man’s dedication in the middle of the desert

Dedication You may never have heard of him, but he was one of California’s “Authentic Characters” . . . with an obsession. I am referring to Leonard Knight, the creator of “Salvation Mountain”. You’ll find Salvation Mountain about 4 miles inland, Southeast of the Salton Sea, right in the middle of the desert. Don’t worry, […]

Don't tie horses to fence
Blog, By Albert

A town named Three Forks

When you cross Montana from West to East on Hwy 90, you pass a town called Three Forks. And I literally mean “pass it”. Because the highway does not do through the town, you deliberately need to take the right exit if you even want to see the town. You […]

Blog, By Linda, RV Parks

Where are we?

It’s been a while since we last talked or rather it’s been a while since I have given you an update on where we are. Thanks for your patience, it is very hard to find good wifi in Montana. Usually we go to the local Starbucks to get a decently […]