Month: May 2016

Photography related

Canon 5D Mark 3

The Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 is truly a legendary camera. A reputation it earned because of its outstanding image quality and feature set. We use this camera for all our landscape and travel photography and simply LOVE it. Things we love about this camera include: Image Quality, fast and […]

North Cascades
Blog, By Albert

North Cascades National Park

Luscious green forrests, beautiful blue/green lakes, spectacular snow-capped mountains and lots and lots of waterfalls perfectly sum up the North Cascades National Park in Washington. The name “North Cascades” is very appropriately as I could not believe the amount of water that comes cascading out of the mountain sides as […]

Gadgets, Gear

Portable Weber BBQ

Do you like charcoal BBQs as much as we do? We LOVE the flavor of charcoal grilled steaks, pork chops, sausages and, well anything really! But how do you carry a griller on the road that is portable? The answer is this Smokey Joe griller from Weber, a house hold […]

Gadgets, Gear

Portable Gas Fire Pit

We LOVE campfires . . .  but don’t like the aftermath of dealing with smoky clothes and let’s face it, the smoke will get into everything. We are OK with that when we go tent camping, but would rather not have the smell of smoke in the motorhome. We solved […]

Gadgets, Gear

Stemless wine glasses

We have come to really appreciate these stemless wine glasses. We used to have ones with stems, we just took them from our house and packed them into the motorhome, probably what most people do. We quickly broke a few, the moving around of the motorhome when driving is a […]

Gadgets, Gear

Water resistent entry mat

It is inevitable you will have the odd rainy day when traveling in a motorhome. When it does, the last thing you want is wet muddy tracks all over your floor in the motorhome. We got ourselves this mat, appropriately called a “waterdog” as it designed to hold water and […]

Gadgets, Gear

Smartphone and tablet charger

Do you have multiple devices like smartphones, an iPad, hotspots, etc. They all need to be charged. If you use separate chargers for each one, you’ll quickly have things dangling from every power outlet in your coach, leaving you frustrated when you need to plug something in. Another consideration is […]