What’s in a name?

Unless you are from the UK or Australia, you have probably wondered about the name “Hit the Frog and Toad”. Well, the name was carefully considered and selected. You see, “Hit the Frog and Toad” is British Rhyming Slang for “Hit the Road”, a name that we feel is very appropriate for a blog about motor homing.

Rhyming slang is a way of constructing phrases where a common word is replaced with a phrase of two or three words, the last of which rhymes with the original word. The results are often quite humorous, but can be very confusing, especially if you have never encountered this use of the English langiage before. However, to make it REALLY confusing, the second word (the word that actually rhymes with the word it is replacing) is often left out, leaving the uninitiated at a total loss about what was just said!

Here are some funny examples.

  • Hit the Road – Hit the “Frog and Toad”, the abbreviated form is “Hit the Frog”
  • You are wanted on the phone – You are wanted on the “Dog and Bone”, shortened, it becomes “you are wanted on the dog”.
  • Hand over the money – Hand over the “Bees and Honey”, shortened it becomes “hand over the bees”.
  • Can you lend me a dollar – Can you lend me an “Oxford Scholar”. Shortened, “can you lend me an oxford”?
  • Use you head – Use your “Loaf of bread”. Shortened, it becomes “Use your loaf”!

I think you get the idea by now, fun use of the language, but one that can totally confuse you.
However, you can now also see how we were attracted to the name and how we felt it’s orginal meaning of “Hit the Road” was appropriate. After mulling over the name, we also realized that the car you tow behind the motorhome, is referred to as “The Toad”, that really clinched it for us and we were delighted that the domain name was available.

We have now also secured a Facebook page with the same name, allowing us to tie our social media postings to our blog and vive versa.