Bellingham RV Park

Wow, Wow, Wow, I don’t know where to start. We stayed here in Bellingham for two weeks and that is more than we had planned but here we are. So you know what you do when you can’t take the motor home to Canada? You stay as close as you can to the border and drive there.

This park isn’t all that, as far as being a beautiful park. The park is located between a hotel and a car park for the airport. Across the street is a parking for big rig trucks and a 24hr coffee kiosk. It is only min from the Hwy 5, about thirty min to the Canadian boarder and about an hour and a half to Settle. It ain’t pretty at all but what it does have is a good wifi, cable tv, nice laundry facility, clean bathrooms, full hookups and is close to all the major grocery stores including Trader Joe’s, Safeway, and Costco. Albert was able to work comfortably with the wifi and it was nice to stock back up on our groceries.

IMG_1577All that being said, we had a great time going to Vancouver for two days and than visiting Seattle for a day. We tried to go for a walk on the days we were here at the park but didn’t have anywhere to go except around the RV’s that were parked. Here are a few shots of us at this park.

Oh and another good thing about this park. They let you wash your rig. So Albert and I washed down the rig, ok that might be stretching the truth a bit. Actually, Albert did the outside and I did the inside. It was a clean day! Which I was very excited about and my husband well? He loved it, I know because he said he did.. right? Anyway, It looks great!


The fun in any adventure is doing things together. We are still without a drivers license for us to continue on to Canada and we decided to head over to Montana. We are going back to Anacortes for a few days so Albert can finish up his work for this week and than we will be traveling again. Yahoo!! On to another great State…..


Big Rig Friendly with large sites

9.5 /10

Pet friendly

8.0 /10

Clean Park

9.5 /10

Good Faclities

9.5 /10

WiFi Speed

9.5 /10


  • Great facilities in park and nearby
  • Great WiFi (~18 Mbs)
  • Long drive through sites
  • Close to shopping


  • Located in a business area
  • Lacks areas for kids to play