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Salvation Mountain in the California Desert
By Albert, California, Photography

Salvation Mountain – One man’s dedication in the middle of the desert

Dedication You may never have heard of him, but he was one of California’s “Authentic Characters” . . . with an obsession. I am referring to Leonard Knight, the creator of “Salvation Mountain”. You’ll find Salvation Mountain about 4 miles inland, Southeast of the Salton Sea, right in the middle of the desert. Don’t worry, […]

Don't tie horses to fence
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A town named Three Forks

When you cross Montana from West to East on Hwy 90, you pass a town called Three Forks. And I literally mean “pass it”. Because the highway does not do through the town, you deliberately need to take the right exit if you even want to see the town. You […]

Garnet Ghost Town
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Stepping back in time . . . .

Imagine it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you need to go to the bathroom. So you put on your warmest jacket, step outside and wade through 3 feet of snow to the outhouse. As you sit there, you’re glad it’s day time as the temperature drops to -5F at night. […]

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In my previous post I mentioned that I had never seen a barrel race event live. That was not lost on Linda who promptly started to look for a rodeo after we settled into our RV Park in Columbia Falls in Montana. She reasoned that, of all the US States, […]