When the the motorhome or 5th Wheel becomes your home, you need the right gadgets to make things easier, but space is always at a premium and can make picking the right products a challenge. We certainly have had our fair share of purchases that simply did not work out. We thought therefore that it would be a good idea to share with you all what DOES work for us and why.

All the products found on the following pages are products we own and use and are happy with.

Why Amazon?

We shop almost exclusively on Amazon – do you know why? Because as a member of Amazon Prime, we not only get what we order within 2 days, Amazon will ship it ANYWHERE . .  for FREE. Who wants to be stuck at an RV Park waiting for a package to arrive? We don’t. So we are believers! What is not to like about that?

Disclaimer. We have signed up with Amazon’s affiliate program and will receive a small commission for any item you buy using the following links. The products will not cost you a cent more than if you were to go direct to Amazon, we just get a small commission from Amazon which will help us maintain this blog. So following the links from here when you purchase will help us continue this and you will have our sincere gratitude forever!


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Meat temperature probe

Who doesn’t like a BBQ? But undercooking or, equally important, overcooking, the meat can really put a damper on any BBQ experience. You can avoid that completely with this tiny, but oh-so-useful meat temperature probe. It has a digital readout that instantly reports the internal temperature so you know EXACTLY […]

paper towel holder2
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Paper towel holder

This was a real find! It’s true value did not really present itself until AFTER we had purchased it and started using it. The bottom is rubbery and really sticks to the surface of our kitchen counter. The thing is also quite heavy so when you pull at a sheet […]

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Bose bluetooth speaker

The sound that comes out of your smartphone or tablet is a little anemic, a little “tinny”, no base, no real body. While you undoubtedly have a very nice sound system in your RV or motorhome, sometimes you would like to sit outside or be in the bedroom and have […]

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Vacuum cleaner

Unless you use your RV or motorhome for short trips and always return home you will need a vacuum cleaner. Obviously, size will be an issue, but also weight. Our motorhome has both tile and carpet so that is a consideration too. We really like our Miele vacuum. It is […]

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Smartphone and tablet charger

Do you have multiple devices like smartphones, an iPad, hotspots, etc. They all need to be charged. If you use separate chargers for each one, you’ll quickly have things dangling from every power outlet in your coach, leaving you frustrated when you need to plug something in. Another consideration is […]

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Water resistent entry mat

It is inevitable you will have the odd rainy day when traveling in a motorhome. When it does, the last thing you want is wet muddy tracks all over your floor in the motorhome. We got ourselves this mat, appropriately called a “waterdog” as it designed to hold water and […]

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Stemless wine glasses

We have come to really appreciate these stemless wine glasses. We used to have ones with stems, we just took them from our house and packed them into the motorhome, probably what most people do. We quickly broke a few, the moving around of the motorhome when driving is a […]

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Portable Gas Fire Pit

We LOVE campfires . . .  but don’t like the aftermath of dealing with smoky clothes and let’s face it, the smoke will get into everything. We are OK with that when we go tent camping, but would rather not have the smell of smoke in the motorhome. We solved […]

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Portable Weber BBQ

Do you like charcoal BBQs as much as we do? We LOVE the flavor of charcoal grilled steaks, pork chops, sausages and, well anything really! But how do you carry a griller on the road that is portable? The answer is this Smokey Joe griller from Weber, a house hold […]