Clark’s Skagit River Resort

Clark’s Skagit River Resort

Clark's Skagit Resort RV-3

We decided to stay in Skagit County where we could visit the Northern Cascades National Park in Washington. The park is pretty sparse as were the others that we have visited on our trip. The nice thing about being here before the actual summer season hits. I think that it will start to get busy in June of course, but also the big push for people to get out and about is Memorial Day weekend. Luckily we have reservations for that weekend in advance but I will let you know about that later. I know I have said this before but we never really know what the parks are going to be until we roll up.Clark's Skagit Resort RV-6

Our first welcome to the park was this little guy who was very friendly. We thought he was solo but he’s a rabbit right? They seem to live here in the park and you can purchase bunny food at the office to feed them. We saw a young couple with their children in one of the cabins and the little ones, two and possible three years of age, were chasing the rabbits. It was really cute to see them running and laughing while they try and catch the rabbits. They are domestic rabbits but they aren’t stupid.

Clark's Skagit Resort RV-4

The park also has quite a few cabins to rent for the weekend or longer. They are nicely decorated in different themes and are located in different spots on the property. The picture below is our front lawn where the cabins are spread down the right side of the park. The left side of this picture is empty but there are hookups for RV’s there but they only have two sites for larger rigs in the entire park and we’re in one of them.  As you can see in the picture below, there is definitely an advantage to being here off season.

Clark's Skagit Resort RV-2


One of the things that we do on the road almost every spot, is laundry. This laundry facility was not so good here. The machines were very old and each one was a different brand. They also differed in price as well, WHAT? some were $2.00, $1.00 and a free one… That’s what I said, one FREE washer and one FREE dryer. Hmmmmm. something isn’t right here! right? So I started to put my money in the $1.00 ones and one out of two worked. So I moved on the the $2.00 one avoiding the free one right? Unfortunately the $2.00 didn’t work either. Ok now I’m getting upset. I went to find a maintenance person or someone who could help me. I found this nice man working on one of the cabins and told him about my dilemma. He was very nice and followed me back to the laundry and apologized profusely. He fished $3.00 out of one of the machines that were broken and handed me the money. Then he said “Why don’t you just use the free ones?” Really? He said ” We really are waiting for a repair person to come out and fix a lot of these machines, so please.” OH Hell Yeah!


Big Rig Friendly

3.0 /10

Large Sites

3.0 /10

Clean Park

6.0 /10

Good Faclities

6.0 /10

WiFi Speed

2.0 /10


  • Nice, level grassy areas
  • Very close to the National Park
  • Super Friendly staff


  • Only have 2 sites for big rigs
  • No 50 Amp available
  • Poor laundry facility
  • Slow WiFi

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