Mouse Deterrent

Mouse Deterrent

Getting mice (or heaven forbid, rats) in your RV is nasty and a real nuisance to get rid of.

It happened to us however and we did not like it! Every morning we needed to clean the counter and under the sink. Then at night, before going to bed, we’d make sure there was no food left out, all the trash was taken out and traps were set. We did not want to use poison as we did not want dead mice stinking up the place. However, we never caught a single mouse (no idea how many we actually had, but we think there was was only one).

In researching what other methods we could use, we leaned about this stuff called “Fresh Cab”. It is an all-natural remedy, made from botanical fibers and oils, then wrapped in small pouch. It actually smells good to us humans, but apparently annoys the rodents, so they move out. Fresh Cab is safe and will not harm small children or pets.

Each box comes with four pouches and each pouch is stated to last for up to 100 days (so just over 3 months). As of writing this, we are still on our first pouch and have not seen ANY evidence of mice since we put a pouch under the sink. Like I said, it actually smells good to me, it has a pine-forest-like scent, quite pleasant and not at all overpowering.

Highly recommended as an effective and environmentally friendly way of dealing with rodents.

Fresh Cab Botanical Plant-Based Balsam Fir Oil Rodent Repellent, 16 Pouches

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  • Keep mice out of enclosed areas.
  • Made in the USA. Ready to Use
  • Freshens the air and repels rodents
  • Eash pouch is designed to be used for one month.
  • 16-Pouches

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