Our first major trip with the motorhome – Alaska

Our first major trip with the motorhome – Alaska

So the decision has been made. We are going to Alaska in the motorhome, an estimated 7000 mile, 150 hour round trip. Kinda daunting when you see those numbers, but break it down into 4 months and all of a sudden, it looks a lot more reasonable. Should be a piece of cake for our 505HP powered Safari Panther, which has new tires and was fully serviced, lubed and checked just last month.

We’ve read just about every travel planner about Alaska we could find, looked at umpteen maps, made copious notes and have finally decided on a route we believe will give us the safest passage with little or no compromise on scenic beauty. At least, that is what we hope.

We plan on following what is called “the Gold Rush Route”, which starts in Vancouver, follows the Gold Trail north through central British Columbia, branches to the North West onto the Cassiar Highway which will take us into the Klondike Country and then, finally, into Alaska to Fairbanks, Denali and Anchorage. We plan on side trips to the Fish Creek in Hyder and to Juneau along the way in the hope of taking photos of bears, fjords, a glacier and orcas. We are expecting to return with a massive amount of photos, an ebook and, in Linda’s case, several completed watercolor paintings.

Getting ready

Getting ready is quite the ordeal, packing up your “stuff” is not too challenging, but preparing the house for en extended stay away requires careful consideration. We organized our banking facilities, cancelled things like the newspaper and cable TV service. The neighbors will park their car in our driveway and we installed a home security system that not only lets us “arm” the house, it lets us control lights, the thermostat and even the sprinkler system.

I think we are ready!


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