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Garnet Ghost Town
Blog, By Albert

Stepping back in time . . . .

Imagine it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside and you need to go to the bathroom. So you put on your warmest jacket, step outside and wade through 3 feet of snow to the outhouse. As you sit there, you’re glad it’s day time as the temperature drops to -5F at night. […]

Blog, By Linda

Waiting to Die

I know the title to this post is a little concerning, that’s because it is. I want to share a story about what happened to Albert and I a little more than 8 weeks ago. If you have been reading our posts you will recall the post about the mouse. […]

Blog, By Albert


In my previous post I mentioned that I had never seen a barrel race event live. That was not lost on Linda who promptly started to look for a rodeo after we settled into our RV Park in Columbia Falls in Montana. She reasoned that, of all the US States, […]

Blog, By Albert

Montana here we come . . .

After hanging out in Washington for longer than originally planned, we are now on our way East, heading to Idaho, Montana and beyond. Our followers will have read how significant delays at the DMV in processing my driver’s license has prevented us from entering Canada, where my interim license is […]

Blog, By Albert

Vancouver by Night

After enjoying the night photography from the top of the Seattle Space Needle, we contemplated going back to Vancouver and doing a night shoot there too. Having visited Vancouver earlier, we knew we would get awesome photos of the skyline provided we found a good vantage point. So we spent […]

Blog, By Albert

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Have you ever gone somewhere, did not know what to expect, only to be blown away by the experience? Well, so it was when we visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle. We did not even know this place existed! When purchasing tickets to go up the Space […]