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Beautiful Vancouver

Vancouver – What a beautiful city! We had always heard that Vancouver, BC was a lovely city, but never really gave it any further thought, until we visited. Absolutely beautiful! Having great weather, I am sure, only enhanced the experience, but wow . . . We are in an RV […]

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Exploring Fidalgo and Whidbey Islands

Beautiful Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands are sure to make anyone yearn to want to take up sailing or boating. This area is full of islands, waterways, Orcas, Whales, breathtaking views, soul-nourishing sunrises and romantic sunsets. We cruised these waterways from Anacortes to Victoria, BC, a route that […]

Mount Rainier
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Mt Rainier

WOW . . . talk about a mountain dominating the landscape! Mt Rainier in Washington is one amazing mountain . . wait . . it’s actually a volcano! Anyway, you can see it from miles away and it is perfect. It is one of these mountains shaped the way a […]

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Mount St. Helens

On May 18, 1980, a mountain called Mount St. Helens blew up. While hardly known outside the US, it was an event that dominated news headlines for weeks, all around the world. A volcano eruption is one of those events we all know happen, read about, but never witness. It […]

Cascade Peaks RV Park
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Cascades Peaks RV Park

Cascades Peaks RV park is in a little town called Randle, population of 2,931 people. Randle is located right next to the Cowlitz River and is about four miles north of the Cispus River, a tributary of the Cowlitz. The rural area surrounding Randle is known locally as the “Big Bottom Valley,” […]

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A change of plans

We have decided to postpone our trip to Alaska. Yes, you read that correctly. After all the hoopla and excitement of heading to Alaska, we just decided to put that trip off until next year. So, are we heading back home now? Heck no . . . instead of going […]

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Some time off for a wedding

Several of our followers noticed we have not posted for a while and contacted us asking if all was well. We can assure you all is fine, we simply took some time out to fly back to Sacramento to attend Natalie’s (my daughter) wedding. We had planned this for some […]