Cascades Peaks RV Park

Cascades Peaks RV Park

Meadow 3Cascades Peaks RV park is in a little town called Randle, population of 2,931 people. Randle is located right next to the Cowlitz River and is about four miles north of the Cispus River, a tributary of the Cowlitz. The rural area surrounding Randle is known locally as the “Big Bottom Valley,” which is reflective of the fact that the valley floor in which the Cowlitz River winds westward through Randle is “big”—flat, fertile land that is at places more than 3 miles wide.

This is the beautiful meadow that for a couple of days we will be pretty much on our own. We have 30amp and water. We will be staying about 5 days or until our gray water is full. We decided that it’s just so beautiful out here we were going to try and stay as long as we can since we do have a entire month at this park. We started to take military showers and be sparing on the dish washing. We used paper plates and did most of our cooking outdoors so we could limit the amount of pots and pans that we used. It was amazing that we lasted a whole five days before we moved up to the full hookups. The weather was just perfect, it ranged from the 60’s to the 70’s with a little bit of rain from time to time. It was devine. Then memorial weekend came with advengence. This park has over 400 sites but as you can see we were the only ones in this area at the time. I realize that it was the beginning of summer but I thought it was pretty sparce for being in this area since we were in the middle of Mt Rainer National Park and Mt St. Helens. Here are some pictures that we took of the park before it got busy for the holiday weekend.

One of the interesting sights in this park is the carved bears. They are almost everywhere in the park. I tried to research who made them and why but no one seemed to know. I talked to some locals and they said that they thought it might be a local artist but couldn’t tell me who it was. So back to the drawing board on the artist. But I did take some pictures of his or her art work….

During this weekend of Memorial Day as the park was getting crowded with trailers, motor coaches and tents, I asked one of our neighbors what they did on this holiday up in this area. I said are all these people visiting Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens? “What?” “Oh, no, we are all here to go to the flea market in Packwood.” He proceeded to tell me about this flea market event that only happened twice a year, once on Memorial Day and on Labor Day. We decided to give it a miss since it would have taken us about two hours to get to Packwood. Packwood is only nine miles up the road but on a two lane road and with all the visitors wanting to get to the event, the road was congested to say the least. So we stayed home and barbecued. We now live in a 400sq foot motor coach, what did we really need?


After the Memorial Holiday we decided to move to the full hookup area for two reasons. One, there was some hot weather headed our way and we knew that we needed a 50amp vs a 30 amp to cool our coach down and two we knew we were leaving for a week or two and wanted to leave it closer to other people, not so isolated.

We were also closer to the laundry and the office. The laundry facility was quite unique, that it had a room that offered free reading material and a puzzle or two that you could do while you waited for your laundry to finish. Another thing that was odd was that the laundry was open 24-7 to the public as well. It was clean and reasonable in price. Albert and I both took advantage of the reading material and did a few pieces of the puzzle as well.



Big Rig Friendly with large sites

9.0 /10

Pet friendly

9.0 /10

Clean Park

9.0 /10

Good Faclities

8.0 /10

WiFi Speed

0.1 /10


  • Lots of room
  • Close to Mt Rainier and St Helens
  • Lots of large trees, secludes sites
  • Good laundry facilities
  • Friendly staff


  • No AT&T service
  • No WiFi
  • Some run down RVs in certain areas

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