McArthur-Burney Falls State Park — A well kept secret

I have visited this area multiple times, but had never heard of the Burney Falls.
After seeing a small picture in a “things to do around here” flyer, we decided to check it out. About a 45 minute drive from the RV Park was all it took.

What a gorgeous waterfall!!! We were amazed! And to think this has been here all these years and only about a 2 hour drive north from our home. To say that we were dumbfounded is an understatement.

In several ways this waterfall is better and more impressive than those in Yosemite National Park, which is of course famous for its waterfalls.

The Burney Falls are made up of a multitude of water spouts of water that tumble down the rock face. Some are massive, crashing down with huge force, others are little more than a trickle. Together however, they form a massive WALL of water that tumbles into a blue and turquoise colored pool below. The best thing is that the falls are very accessible. A path will take you down to the water’s edge and offers many differing vantage points along the way. Just beautiful and breathtaking, every single step you take down towards the bottom.

Another thing that sets these falls apart from the ones in Yosemite is the fact that the amount of water in Burney Falls is pretty much constant year round. The falls in Yosemite will dwindle to a trickle in Summer time. Not so Burney Falls. The water comes from underground sources and is not dependent on rain or snow melt. This makes a trip to Burney Falls worthwhile at virtually ANY time of year.

When we were there, we hardly saw anyone. We took the 1.3 mile trail that surrounds the falls and did not see a soul. Yet the photography conditions were pretty much optimum. A balmy 72 degrees, fluffy clouds in the sky that created a wonderful soft and even light. All in all, a perfect day for shooting

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