Mad River Rapids RV Park – Arcata, Ca

Mad River Rapids RV Park – Arcata, Ca

Mad River Rapids RV Park. 3501 Janes Rd. Arcata, Ca.

Mad River Rapids RV

This will be our first stop of our trip. We are only going to stay the night and than we will be traveling up the coast line toward Oregon. I wanted to book a place to stay but my husband said no, let’s just follow the coast and when we see somewhere to stay, we will. OMG. are you kidding me. I need a plan, I need a guarantee that we will have someplace to stay.

mapWhat if? We talked and you know he’s right, the whole idea is to enjoy the journey. So we will travel up the coast and when we see someplace we want to stay for a while, we will. If there isn’t any place there we will go somewhere else. We don’t really have any dates that we need to be anywhere. (except to fly back to California for my husbands daughters wedding) (that’s pretty important to us, and we have tickets to fly from Seattle) And I guess we do want to get to Alaska before the winter but other than that, we really don’t have any specific plans. So different from our other trips. Loving it! but a little scary……..







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