Photography in Death Valley

Have you ever thought of going to Death Valley for a photography adventure? Perhaps you have not given it much thought. Perhaps you have but consider it too hot? Or maybe your perception of it that it’s just a desert and not all that interesting.

What if I told you that Death Valley is one of the most exciting places in the US to go on a photography shoot?

I will admit, that if you go in the summer (June, July or August) it WILL be too hot. But if you go in February or March, temeratures will be delightful and you WILL be in for a treat.

I have visited Death Valley multiple times between 2003 and 2014 (and have planned another trip in March 2016) and have always had a fantastic time with sensational photography.

I have writen an eBook (currently only available on Apple iBooks) that is bot a photographic journey and a guide that tells you where to shoot and, perhaps most importantly, what TIME of day to shoot. Because Death Valley is such a large park, knowing where and when will be invaluable when planning a trip.

Take a look, download the free sample and see for yourself what this amaziong place has to offer. If you want to see more, buy the book, it is only $3.99 and packed with valuable information and photos.


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