We usually shoot all our photos using a tripod, but sometimes it is not practical to carry one around. At other times, you are not allowed to have one for safety reasons.

Because we mostly use tripods, our cameras do not have straps on them as they get in our way. We needed a solution therefore to carry our cameras when no tripods are involved and the straps that come with cameras are a real pain to put on and remove. Too much work! Ugh!

The R-Strap proved to be a perfect solution for us, in more ways than one! First of all, the main reason we got them, is it takes like two seconds to attach to the camera. They simply screw into the threaded tripod hole at the bottom of you camera. Simple and quick.

The second reason and you really need to try this for your self to appreciate, is these straps sling over your shoulder, not your neck. If you have ever walked around with a decent sized camera slung around your neck, you will immediately understand what this means! It is SO MUCH more comfortable! No more bouncing up and down and certainly no more stiff necks at the end of a day.

The R-Strap sits diagonally across you torso, over one shoulder. The camera can “slide” up and down the strap and when you walk, it hangs, upside down, on your hip. Ready to shoot? Simply grab it (the grip is perfectly situated to grab hold of) and as you bring it up to eye level, it slides along the strap without tugging or rubbing. It is all super easy and smooth, but secure and THAT is what it is all about about.

There are male and female versions as the strap crosses your chest diagonally. The female version has a special design so they are comfortable to wear for the girls.

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