Indian Creek RV Park – Gold Beach, OR

Indian Creek RV Park – Gold Beach, OR

We rolled into our second stop, The Indian Creek RV Park in Gold Beach, OR, on Thursday the 28th. We actually were headed for this other camp site called Secret Garden but saw that this one looked good and we stopped here instead and we just love it here. It’s off season so the place isn’t too full and we were able to nail the best site in the park L16. Indian Creek RV Park-4We have a little creek that runs just behind our RV with a lot of space on both sides.

We were going to just stay one night but our Subaru Forester started giving us troubles. It started with a dead battery. I am so happy that we had purchased a battery charger and within minutes we were charged and ready to go.

But that would be too easy, Right? Then the oil light came on, then on the screen it told us that the oil in the car was at critical levels and needed immediate attention. Oh greaIndian Creek RV Park-1t! We were only about a mile from our site so we drove it home. Albert checked the oil and yes there was no oil on the dip stick. It wasn’t even ready for it’s scheduled oil change .

Thankfully or not, this had happened once before when we were in Woodland and the Subaru dealer had the car picked up and taken back to the dealer where they did a oil change and told us that it actually had a quart or two still in the engine. Because of this info from last time, we assumed that it had a little oil left in it this time as well. I looked on line for a close oil change place (4min away)and Albert took it in and purchased enough to fill and some extra for the road. What we don’t understand is why does a 2015 Subaru use some much oil? It doesn’t leak, where does it go? Albert’s research and multiple calls to Subaru has told us that it is normal for Subaru’s to use a lot of oil. We still find this strange.

We decided that our spot was so nice and the park was so quiet that we would stay another couple of nights and do a photoshoot in the surrounding area (see Albert’s post). The excitement wasn’t over yet! Our Breville expresso machine wouldn’t come on the next morning. What no coffee? How is that possible? Albert did everything he could to make it come back alive but didn’t have any success. We called the manufacture and will have to send it back for repairs but of course they need the receipt (which is at home). We do carry a french press and a kettle, so that will do until we can buy an inexpensive one just for this trip.  You just can’t predict everything that you might need for a road trip. Bummer!!

Indian Creek RV Park-5

This is the portable jump-starter and charge-all that saved our bacon when the car refused to start. It is only about the size of a pocket book and doubles as a charger for iPhones and tablets. It comes with a collection of different cables. A very handy piece of equipment to have around.


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