Wild Horses of Nevada

Wild Horses of Nevada

Did you know that there are wild horses that roam the hill sides near Virginia City, just east of Reno?

I didn’t, but stumbled upon them when visiting that area some time ago.

Linda and I wandered the quaint streets of historic Virginia City. You may remember the Bonanza series on TV, where the folk from the Ponderosa regularly had to visit Virginia City for supplies (or to go fetch the sheriff). It’s a real town in the hills near Reno.

Well as we wondered around town, we stumbled upon a large lawn of a restaurant on the edge of town. There were about 5 wild horses grazing, apparently not too concerned by the people who walked up to watch them. They were cautious of course, but quite comfortable being there (and I’m sure the green grass tasted good too, especially considering the drought we’ve been having in California).

I got this shot when one of them looked up. They were all beautiful and looked real healthy. They were somewhat smaller than horses you see on farms and ranches, but really good looking.

Wild Horse


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